My thoughts on Interstellar

This isn’t a Batman movie, and it’s not even a movie that has Lego sets made of it (sadly) but it is a Christopher Nolan movie so I thought it was a worthy topic. In case you haven’t been near advertising for a month, in the movie Matthew McConaughey is on a farm then he’s in space. Michael Caine tells him to save the planet. I won’t give any spoilers away but I’ll say that while I definitely enjoyed the movie, it probably wasn’t the movie event of the century that some of the hype had claimed. It really never could’ve lived up to all of the hype anyway. But there are few movies made anymore on this grand of scale and fewer still about space travel or exploration. I found the space scenes to be more realistic than the earth scenes, I think they spent so much time on the former at the expense of the latter. In space however, there were some absolutely stunning visuals and a lot to think about overall. Probably the biggest contribution of this film to space movies were the robots who are absolutely wonderful. Finally, this is a movie that deserves to be seen on a big screen. I’m sure I’ll see it at least once more while it’s in theaters.

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