Lego Classic Thursday: 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb

Nope, I’m not dead. Aside from not updating the site for ages, I had some qualms about Indiana Jones sets and the “Classic” label. Too soon? This set is from 2007, not even 10 years ago. I would have posted sooner but I was wrestling with the question for many months. And even if you don’t believe that, which I wouldn’t for a minute, you have to be excited to see Indiana Jones.


He’s a superhero so cool he doesn’t need a secret identity.

I was lucky to have this set bought for me when I wasn’t collecting Lego, but somehow was aware enough to enjoy this. If only I’d bought the rest of the lot at the time. IF ONLY. This set has 277 pieces and only cost $20. A deal. The only thing is, if there was a set to include John Rhys-Davies in, this was the one. If you can find a Gimli and put desert wear and normal legs on him, it might work, but I doubt it. As it is, you only get Indy and Marion Ravenwood in the camp dress she’s given when she’s captured.

7621 minifigures

The set is a fairly good approximation of the tomb where they find the ark. The only problem with this is if the ark is in the tomb, Marion shouldn’t be because she’s only put there once the Nazis get the Ark.

7621 the lost tomb

You’ve got the large snake statutes and torches and some pretty good hieroglyphics via stickers.

7621 snakes, why did it have to be snakes

As you can see, I wasn’t very worried about making the stickers straight at this time. (Also it’s really stupid to put a sticker across 2 pieces.) This sticker has R2-D2 and C-3PO, just as they are visible on a column in the film. There are also 10 snakes to drop down and spread around the tomb. Though no pane of glass to separate the figures from the snakes for their big moment. The fun doesn’t end here, though, you can destroy the temple and see our hero escape through the back wall.

7621 tomb destruction

What a set. My copy is pretty dusty as you can see, but there’s a lot of dust throughout the Indiana Jones films, so I think it’s ok. I’m so glad I got this set back in the day. It sells for about double now, it was one of the cheapest sets of the Indiana Jones line, which came in two waves I believe. Recently I’ve managed to get a few more from eBay, so stay tuned for future Thursdays. Until then, KEEP YOUR EYES SHUT!

Lego Ideas The Big Bang Theory Set 21302 …Finally!

Click on the image to see it up close and personal.

Pretty good and pretty close to the original design. You can read the full Ideas blog post here. It’s too bad they couldn’t make it a little more 3-dimensional but you can’t expect that from Lego these days. Now all we need is a kitchen companion set. The price is sadly $59 but Chuck Lorre’s gotta get paid I guess. I believe that makes it the most expensive Ideas set yet.

Now we’re just waiting on Doctor Who – hopefully an entire license of Doctor Who so we can get more than the Peter Capaldi doctor.

Lego, this time you’ve taken the Helicopter thing too far

This is an image of the upcoming City set 60093 Deep Sea Helicopter. That’s right, Deep. Sea. Helicopter? Apparently it’s a handy little helicopter that will retrieve your submersible with a handy winch. There are a myriad of problems with this, obviously a helicopter is not the vessel you would use to retrieve a submersible from the sea. What if the hook gets stuck on a rock? Bad news. Also, this is the “Deep Sea” which you only find miles away from land – helicopters aren’t much of long range vehicles. And finally, you see that shark jumping out of the water? I don’t think I need to remind anyone who reads this blog of the dangers of Helicopters hoisting things from the ocean in the presence of sharks…

And from what I can tell, this set is not going to come with Shark Repellent Bat Spray™

Batman not-mini figures The Batmobile

And here it is – the jewel of my Batman Figures collection – especially since I got it for $24 from Amazon before Christmas. It’s sadly no longer available directly from them.

Batmobile 4

Pretty good interior detail, including the Batphone in the cockpit. And the antenna on the hood. The doors don’t open but are outlined.

Batmobile 3

Sadly it doesn’t shoot flames out of the back.

Batmobile 2

Batman and Robin fit nicely in the cockpit. All of the attachments to the Batmobile, including the pipes sticking out of the back are rubber, so they’re not going to snap off all of a sudden.

Batman Robin Batmobile

“Quickly, Robin, we haven’t a moment to lose!!”

Review: Lego 70164 Ultra Agents Hurricane Heist

Pieces: 589  Minifigures: 4  Retail Price: $69.99  Price I Paid: 50% off Target Clearance

70164 box f

70164 box b

Agent Jack Fury

70164 figure 1

Agent Caila Phoenix

70164 figure 2

Astor City Guard

70164 figure 3


70164 figure 4

With cool face and red beady eye

70164 figure 5

This is another set I bought on a whim since it was on clearance and seemed to have some cool colors and pieces. Turns out, the main model is HUGE.

70164 big thing

70164 big thing back

But what is it? Apparently some big machine for creating a hurricane. If you turn the black nob at the top both of the ferocious blades turn, so that’s cool.

70164 set

I like the set, it’s just kind of random. It’s a big model and the Agents figures are cool but all of the sets seem pretty random generally – it makes it easy to buy one here or there if you’re so inclined. This set in particular I’d give a 4. It’s still available from Amazon at a discount, not 50% off sadly.

And no matter how many times I look at this big “thing” I’m always reminded of this video (sorry for the poor quality):

Batman (not mini) Figures – Rogues’ Gallery

Holy Blogging! I’m back. Non-Lego items today, more of the 6″ 1966 Batman figures – this time it’s the villains. There were four released – the four main villains – pretty obvious.

There’s The Joker:
The Joker

Nice bit of detail, you get Cesar Romero’s real mustache painted over:
Joker detail
When I was a kid I just assumed the Joker was weird so he had a weird mustache outline or something.

The Riddler:
The Riddler

The Penguin:
The Penguin

and Catwoman – sans eye mask but it doesn’t really matter, she’s just Catwoman in the show, she doesn’t have a secret identity:

The figures are very poseable, lots of points of articulation, but they are pretty precarious to get to stand up:
Batman POW! Riddler

The Rogues’ Gallery:
Rogues gallery

As you can see they all come with stands with a different word of onomatopoeia on them.

The only figures in this line that I don’t have now as far as I’m aware is Surfs Up Batman and apparently there’s a Surfs Up Joker too. Also I guess we haven’t seen the last of these figures, Batgirl will be joining us, but you’ll have to buy Batman and Robin again. Ok, you got me.

If you look at the Joker’s surfboard you’ll notice that the decal is a cartoon Joker and in the show it resembles Cesar Romero more. This is exactly the kind of inattention to detail that makes me sick. I’m exaggerating, but only very slightly. It’s not that hard to get it right.

Review: Lego 76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue

Pieces: 299  Minifigures: 3 + 1 Big Fig  Retail Price: $44.99  Price I Paid: 50% off Target Clearance

76016 box f

76016 box b

I bought this set because it was 50% off and comes with a big Green Goblin figure. You also get Mary Jane, Spiderman and a futuristic Geordi LaForge Power Man.

76016 minifigures

76016 green goblin

Of course, you can’t have a Lego set these days without a helicopter. This helicopter has big wheels on the side with extra rotors. But also some cool missiles and a net launcher.

76016 copter

76016 cockpits

I guess Power Man flies the helicopter and Spider Man swings out of it. His cockpit doesn’t have a floor so you can “launch” him out.

76016 launchers

76016 set

Overall, not a bad set, but definitely wouldn’t have been worth the original retail price of nearly $50 for 299 pieces. I’d rate it a 4 because of the high retail price. You can get it at a reasonable price on Amazon. And now I can’t get this song out of my head:

Review: Lego Pirates 70411 Treasure Island

Pieces: 181  Minifigures: 3  Retail Price: $19.99  Price I Paid: Retail plus Double VIP

70411 box f

It’s called Treasure Island but as you can see from the box, Lego aren’t giving us the whole island.

70411 box b

70411 box top

It’s only a $20 set so of course you’re not getting a whole island. You’re getting 3 minifigures though, including a female Pirate which wouldn’t have been around in the classic Pirates line.

70411 minifigs

I wonder how many other female minifigure heads with eyepatches there are in the Lego universe?

The island is reminiscent of Peter Pan with a large skull…

70411 island

And behind the skull, a hidden treasure chest!

70411 set

And equally as impressive as a female pirate with an eyepatch is the included alligator – also a bit reminiscent of Peter Pan although that was a crocodile and here we appear to have an alligator.
Overall, it’s a decent set, mostly because of the clever use of the tree to raise and lower the skull, but it still feels like these recent Pirates sets were designed and built and then half the pieces were taken away. I’ll give it a 5. If it goes to $15 or less it would be a good value. Check the price on Amazon.

Lego Classic Thursday: 6276 Eldorado Fortress

This is one of my favorite, if not overall favorite Lego set ever. It is also one of the first sets I ever got.

6276 set

As you can see, it’s amazing. And it’s completely three dimensional! This set is why I think so many newer Lego sets are lacking, if you get the front of the building you don’t get the back of it, unless you’re buying a Creator set.

6276 side1

In a modern Lego set the whole back side would be cut off and unenclosed. Of course, we do lack the little issue of ladders, so that the figures could actually get from one level to the next. Maybe they could take the hoist, when it’s not being used to lift treasure chests.

6276 side2

6276 doors

Over the years I lost a few pieces apparently – the I can’t seem to find the correct Governor’s face anywhere.

6276 Gov wrongface

With as few masted ships there were in the Lego Pirates world, there were certainly plenty of rowboats. I’m not sure how the Pirates expect to steal any treasure in a rowboat against a fort. Of course nobody thought an X-Wing could blow up the Death Star either…

6276 Redbeard

6276 main

6276 treasure hold

The “hold” for the treasure is a great play feature – I must have opened thousands of times as a kid.

6276 upside

It looks great from any angle. There you have it. What a great set. Even though they crack, bring back the molded baseplates Lego!