Starting small: the first review Lego Set 60011 Surfer Rescue

I know what you’re* saying (or thinking) – here I am on this Lego Batman and Castles blog and the first review posted is of a 32 piece City set! Well, I thought I’d start small, if I can make this review the least bit interesting then I should be ok to write about bigger sets which (usually) are inherently interesting. So without further ado:

Lego Set 60011 Surfer Rescue

Pieces: 32  Minifigures: 2 (+ 1 Shark)  Retail Price: $6.99  Price I Paid: $3.49+tax

The Shark is prominently featured on the box.

Recently Stop&Shop (the grocery store) has had a few sets on clearance 50% off. They don’t carry that many to begin with, and they are all <$25 sets. Even at 50% off I thought twice before buying this set. I mean, c’mon, its only got 32 pieces in it! But there is a shark. And a guy in a wetsuit – I might need a Lego wetsuit someday. Plus I thought, I can put it on my blog! Well folks*, as you can see, I’ve spared no expense for you. Basically this set is ok. If you’re a child (age wise, not just emotionally or spiritually) you’d probably like it. Because as I’ve mentioned, there is a shark. I like the Coast Guard uniform as well. I think for $3.49 is an ok price for it, but I’d be hard pressed to pay full retail.

Look! A shark!

And now for the moment of truth. The rating – how should I rate all the sets. I think a range of 1-5 is too small, but it is simple. I’m going to go with 0-10 where 6 or above is a buy and 5 is a buy if it’s on sale. I’ll develop this more in the future, but for now I’ll give this set a 4. I wouldn’t buy it unless it actually is for a child.

Except, wait – I just bought it and now I’m telling you* not to buy it? Well that’s right. You don’t need it^ – on the other hand, it does have a shark…

* given the newness of this blog any references to readers or people reading this post is purely hypothetical

^ I plan on discussing my views on LEGO collecting in general in a future post – stay tuned

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