Review: Lego 70164 Ultra Agents Hurricane Heist

Pieces: 589  Minifigures: 4  Retail Price: $69.99  Price I Paid: 50% off Target Clearance

70164 box f

70164 box b

Agent Jack Fury

70164 figure 1

Agent Caila Phoenix

70164 figure 2

Astor City Guard

70164 figure 3


70164 figure 4

With cool face and red beady eye

70164 figure 5

This is another set I bought on a whim since it was on clearance and seemed to have some cool colors and pieces. Turns out, the main model is HUGE.

70164 big thing

70164 big thing back

But what is it? Apparently some big machine for creating a hurricane. If you turn the black nob at the top both of the ferocious blades turn, so that’s cool.

70164 set

I like the set, it’s just kind of random. It’s a big model and the Agents figures are cool but all of the sets seem pretty random generally – it makes it easy to buy one here or there if you’re so inclined. This set in particular I’d give a 4. It’s still available from Amazon at a discount, not 50% off sadly.

And no matter how many times I look at this big “thing” I’m always reminded of this video (sorry for the poor quality):

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