Review: 76056 Rescue from Ra’s al Ghul

Pieces: 257  Minifigures: 4  Retail Price: $29.99 (since retired)  Price I Paid: I don’t remember

Hello from the quarantined Lego blog-sphere. We’re at it again at BrickKnight. Now let’s see if I can remember how this set reviewing works…


Ra’s al Ghul makes his only appearance so far in LEGO along with his daughter Talia and they’ve kidnapped Robin!


Sadly this is not a Christopher Nolan Dark Knight set and the minifigures aren’t representative of Liam Neeson and Marion Cotillard. But it’s ok, we have desert Batman and a dune buggy.


Those are some nice tires. Hopefully Batman deflated them to the appropriate PSI before he drove through the sand.


The set itself is small as usual for a $30 set. Robin has a jail cell and Ra’s has a radioactive green pit to reverse the aging process according to the step-by-step hierogylphics on the wall. But don’t worry Robin, Batman is coming through in his Batbuggy!


If he could only get through the doors. That’s right, the Batbuggy doesn’t fit through the doors, which would be why they are being smashed down on the box. Very nice doors they are though – one piece each – great parts to have. Between the desert Batman, wheels on the buggy and the doors it’s a nice little set to have for those parts. I enjoy collecting the iterations of LEGO Batman, which was fairly easy until the collectible minifigure series 1 AND 2 for the Lego Batman movie.


Reviving the 10 point scale for sets I’ll give this a 7.5. I’m glad I bought it during a mini dark age and finally came out of the dark age to build it. Look for more soon, I’ve got some newer sets coming.

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