Review: 10232 Lego Palace Cinema

Pieces: 2196  Minifigures: 6  Retail Price: $149.99  Price I Paid: Retail (which seems like a deal now)


I had held on to this set for several years now and the pandemic finally provided the right time to build it. It originally came out in 2013(!) and they stopped selling it in 2017.


There great thing about the minifigures are their wonderful classic LEGO smiling faces. I wish they hadn’t stopped using these heads in the modular series, the Assembly Square model which came out in 2018 was the last one with classic heads. These are also high quality figures, the plastic just feels heavier and the heads go on with a good snap.


This set comes with a car/limo that seems to have comically undersized tires. I don’t feel the need for a car with the modular sets, they’re not play sets but I will admit the car does look good with the rest of the set.

And now we come to the model…


Beautiful. It’s big and substantial, colorful and intricate. Ready for opening night.


It’s a corner modular so you get sidewalks on two sides.


The back isn’t much to look at, nor is the roof, but the back of a movie theater is supposed to look like this. The roof seems like a good place for some shady characters to meet.


And now for the inside-


You have a classic movie theater lobby with red carpet and snack bar.


The ticket windows are approachable from the outside also very classic movie theater.

Other than that it’s a little sparse inside which continues as we go upstairs.


The second floor is the movie theater and this is where the modular limitations show. There is only room for 6 seats and no aisles. The chairs are not one piece chairs but constructed with slopes and flags, maybe the chair piece wouldn’t have had the right recline. The projector is a nice little build.


The screen has a sticker on it but I guess I can’t blame them. I would have been ok with a blank screen I think. But why are there windows in a movie theater? It’s certainly possible that there would have been windows built in an old theater building but they’d need to be blocked up on the inside. Maybe this is nitpicking about reality but it’s a pretty obvious problem as you build the set. The windows obviously make the building look better from the outside.


I think the LEGO movie posters on the outside are my favorite detail. They are also stickers – double sided so they are viewable from the inside too – and they are full of puns. Which is probably why I like them so much.


The roof goes for a terra cotta effect (I think) in a clever way. The red/maroon roof is what really distinguishes this model.


There are also star tiles in the sidewalk outside. This further replicates the Grauman’s Chinese appearance.

By Rtercero – TCL Chinese Theatre, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

And the marquee. What a marquee. You can almost see the blinking lights chasing up and down. I am impressed at how well they depicted the letters, the end result is a consistent, very readable font.


And there you have it. I’m giving this set a 9.5, it’s truly beautiful from the outside. Inside it’s lacking a bit, but the amount of time spent looking inside of a modular like this is small. I enjoyed building this and it’s right there with the Detective’s Office as my favorite modular.

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