MOC For Your Consideration – the Lego Bat Bi-Wing

Previously, I’ve complained about how ho-hum the Bat vehicles in the Man-Bat Attack and Joker Steam Roller sets are. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and using only the pieces from the vehicles from those two sets I came up with what I’m calling the Bat Bi-Wing. It’s basically my first MOC. I’m not in love with the term MOC by the way, but it’s the parlance of our times, so I guess I’ll use it. Beyond that, the Bat Bi-Wing isn’t that special or beautiful but it is pretty flimsy. It’s a real challenge to build something original after following the directions for so long.

Jet Engines – for a little extra power

The propeller engine is probably the section that looks the most polished(to me at least). The cockpit is not fully enclosed, but in Bi-Planes of old, the cockpit was never enclosed either. I’m not an airplane nut so there are probably lots of other improper design elements, but I tried to do the best with what I had.

Obligatory fins – that require their own wheelbase

Yes – it comes in black (and sometimes very very dark gray)

Real set reviews will return tomorrow – I’ve got an evening of building ahead of me.

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