Lego Throwback Thursday – Lego Islanders

islanders minifigures

I got a few older nearly complete Islander sets a while ago and finally got around to posting them. While I had LEGO Pirates and Imperial soldiers as a kid (like most kids of a certain age) I never had any Islanders. I like how they add a third group and add the possiblities for Politics! Alliances! Crocodiles!

king kahuka

That’s King Kahuka, he had his own island – with raised baseplate!!

6256 set2

This is 6256 Islander Catamaran, it was $12 back in 1994. The canoes are great, as is the aforementioned crocodile. And not to sound off color but this minifigure is one of the few I’ve seen with cleavage.

6256 set
6246 set

That’s 6246 Crocodile Cage – only got one crocodile with the lot of sets and he’s with the catamaran right now. It must be frustrating to get captured and have a pegleg. Hard to run away I’d think.

6245 set

That’s actually an older Pirates/Imperials set from 1989, 6245 Harbor Sentry.

Just seeing the recognizable old Pirates and Imperials minifigures takes me back. I spent a lot of time with those minifigures, having less of them made them more precious in a way and they could all take on their own identities, even if they had less expressive faces.

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