Lego Black Friday – A voice of reason

It’s coming. Don’t panic.
I thought I’d try to be a voice of reason for the upcoming holiday shopping craze that the stores are mostly successful in implementing. First of all, on black Friday, don’t leave the house. In the age of the internet, you can always find a better deal online and you don’t have to subtract the cost of gas from the amount you saved. It doesn’t really appear that there are that many good deals, I’ve seen mention of maybe 5% off from the Lego Store if you spend $100. There should be VIP deals this weekend. Of course there is the second free holiday set, but it is really quite weak. The two minifigures in it are about as far from exclusive as you could get. So, sit back, relax, and pick out the good Lego deal here and there from Amazon or Lego or Target and don’t try to buy every set. Some sets just aren’t that good. As a rule, if you’re not setting out to get the set or were never interested in the set until you saw it on sale, don’t buy it unless it is 50% off or more. You’ll be a lot happier this way – trust me.

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