Not a set review – a BrickLink order

I’ve been spending some time during the coronavirus lockdown attempting to build a modern style Lego house and found my spare parts wanting (as always) so I ordered some on Brick Link.

order as packed
My BrickLink order as packed.

It was about $110 and here’s what I got.


I am building the house in mostly white and tan and I needed some more bricks and plates.

white bricks
Lot of white brick.

I wanted to get large white plates for the roof but plates in white seem to be the most expensive so I got some more colorful ones and will make do.

A few Friends or Easter colors in there.

I also got some tiles for floors, though I’m not going to tile the whole floors but will put them down as area rugs probably.

tiles and leaves

And I got a few special parts and 3 minifigures.

minifigures and guitars

The middle figure is the mayor from the Lego Batman Movie and even though she? it? cost $8 I thought it would be good to have a politician minifigure especially for 2020. Now I just need to get facemasks for all my minifigures.

brick bricks

And lastly, I got some brick bricks. I love the sand green color in every part, it seems to be a really good real world color. The sand green bricks were just under 19 cents each and the dark tan ones were just under 37 cents.

And now the bad news… Although the bricks were all mostly in great shape some still needed to be cleaned and if I was going to clean some I might as well clean them all, so there I was slaving over a bucket of soapy Lego and then taking over the living room for 3 days to let them dry out. I’ve found it takes Lego about 2 days to dry and I did them in different groups because you can only wash Lego for so long before you get really bored. But now they’ve been dry for awhile and my modern house has a nice tan and purple first floor.

I’ve since ordered some pieces from the Lego Shop At Home Pick a Brick or whatever they call it now and the prices seem comparable, PLUS they won’t have to be washed.

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