Lego Collecting – My Thoughts Part 1

This is part one in the sense of it being the first part, but I don’t have a predetermined number of parts planned out.
I’ve been collecting for about 3 years now, not counting my childhood when I had a fair amount of Lego but didn’t collect it specifically. When I was a kid there was no internet, so you really wouldn’t even have an idea of what sets were out there, other than the one your parents would buy for you or you came across at the toy store.
Anyway, shortly into my adult collecting I discovered Brickset, which in my realm appears to be the gold standard for a Lego website, with its archive of set images and instructions. I think it was a search for instructions for one of my old sets that brought me there in the first place. With resources like this it was easy to get sucked in to feeling like I needed to collect every set out there, giving in to my OCD tendencies and somehow making up for lost time (i.e. all the sets I’d “missed”). After about a year and a half of feeling this way I was able to start being a bit more rational – the reality of how expensive this hobby is also pushed me in that direction. I decided the only sets I would try to buy every one of was the Batman sets. I’ve bought some Star Wars sets against my better judgment because that puts you on a slippery slope (“I need a Lando, etc.”) and I’ve also been able to relax if I miss a promotional polybag at the store. I have a pretty good collection (I think) but I’m not interested in completing it to 100% (let’s be realistic, that’s not possible). So basically, I just want to say, it’s ok if you miss a set, because the resellers will always sell you one for 3x the price, no in reality the way Lego produces sets, they’ll probably remake it within the next 5 years anyway. It’s a hobby – it’s supposed to be fun, not stressful.

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  1. That’s great advise that it’s ok to miss a set. I’m an AFOL and just started collecting 1.5 year ago, my main interest is modulars but I also collect some of the other themes. Thanks for the reminder that this is only a hobby and should not be stressful.

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