Lego Cyber Monday

Deals, deals, where are the deals?

So far in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Lego Rush I’ve purchased one set – the 70812 Creative Ambush from Lego’s Shop at Home site for a modest 20% discount. Last year there were a lot of really good deals, this year not so much. Is The Lego Movie to blame? Did Lego become so popular that they don’t have to go on sale anymore? Who knows. There is one decent deal right now, the 10223 Kingdoms Joust is on sale on Lego Shop At Home for $95.99. If you add a DC Super Heroes keychain to your cart you will go above $99 and get the free Winter Skating set AND a free Jor-El minifigure. If you just buy a keychain (and they have free shipping) you still get the Jor-El.

But Amazon, has really let us down it seems. Part of that might be that last year I was buying The Lone Ranger Lego sets – the movie wasn’t a big hit (even though it’s pretty good) and so the sets were heavily discounted. Alas this year it appears there is no equivalent. I think the best deals right now on Amazon are shown below:

There are also some fairly decent deals on