It’s Bricktober! UPDATED

Which means double VIP points are now available at the Lego store – so now is a decent time to buy sets that aren’t ever going on sale. Additionally, you get the first “free” Christmas set if you spend over $99. The Series 12 Minifigures should be out in the stores. I’m taking a trip to the Lego Store today, so I’ll be back later to report on my findings.

UPDATE: I have returned from the Lego store. First I went to Target to see if they really were selling Series 12 minifigures for $2.99 still. They had none out- possibly I went to early in the morning or something? I broke down and just bought 11 figures from the Lego store to combine with the Santa’s Workshop and get the first free Christmas set – Toy Shop. Paying $3.99 for minifigures is pretty ridiculous, if it weren’t for double VIP points and the free set I wouldn’t have done it. No sign of the Exo-Suit but the staff said they would be getting one more shipment in at some point. As usual nothing much new, nothing on sale (that wasn’t a keychain), and the only major new thing was the obnoxious Lego Fusion electronic display. Can’t a person feel up minifigure packets in peace?