1 Year of BrickKnight!

Today marks one year since I started this website. There have been a few lulls but 123 posts in all isn’t bad. I’ve reviewed 42 sets give or take a few classics. Hopefully at least 42 people have visited the site at some point…

Here’s to the future – (and if you want to be specific, hopefully a future of reviewing some Doctor Who sets that don’t require purchasing a video game) that might happen before anniversary number 2.

Lego Ideas gets a little more specific

Lego Ideas has updated it’s blog, which is a rare occurrence in itself. It/they have posted further clarifying some of the rules for submissions. The review months have stayed the same, there are supposed to be reviews in January, September and May. They mostly seem to have a problem with people not using current Lego bricks or unmodified Lego bricks.
They also say: “From here forward, all projects must contain an original LEGO model to illustrate your project. Believe it or not, before today our Guidelines allowed projects containing only photos of real-world objects, as long as the description mentioned how a LEGO version would be constructed. We want to underscore that LEGO Ideas is about sharing LEGO brick-based product concepts, so we’re closing that loophole.”
But this just means you can’t put a picture of a real dog on there and suggest they make a Lego dog. They are still going to accept 3D renderings. I’d like to see this limited to photos of actually built models but they didn’t go that far.

So anyway, where is that Big Bang Theory set?

2015 Updates

It’s a new year and I have new responsibilities so I’ll be blogging a bit less. I plan to do 1 set review a week and probably a max of 3 new posts a week. That’s really not too much less than I had been doing when I look at the past history.

I bought the Detective’s Office last week at the Lego Store and hope to have finished building it soon so that I can post a nice review, I’ve also gotten a few new Series 13 minifigures. Look for a new review on the site on Friday.