The Lego Movie 2 Review (Hello Again)

Hello again LEGO verse! I saw The Lego Movie 2 last night and here are my thoughts:

Just like the first one, the sequel is a near barrage of pop-culture and Lego jokes. Even though it’s a kid’s movie many of the jokes come flying at you and are aimed squarely at adults, e.g. a joke about Radiohead! The movie starts right where the first one left off, the Duplo have just landed and begin attacking the Lego world. Instead of the reveal at the end that this is human directed play manifesting in the Lego world, we see more frequent live action shots throughout. The whole allegory is that the younger sister, formerly the Duplo user is trying to play with/alongside her brother and it asks the question – can two siblings play nice? It gets a little too heavy handed in this aspect at times but I respect it for going for an overall theme with some emotional heft instead of just being all silliness. They pretty much wrap this up at the end of this movie, it gets a bit Toy Story 3 there for a minute, so any sequels may have to just go for the silliness or not use the human control component. I assume there will continue to be sequels, Lego Movie 2 made $34 million in it’s first weekend and I’d think even if the movies just break even the merchandise sales are enough to keep it going. Hopefully any sequels will continue to be creative and not keep following the “everybody teams up to fight the threat to the universe” formula.

But anyway, plot wise, right after Duplo attacks we’re taken to five years later where they live in Apocalypseburg and it’s gritty and dusty, basically Mad Max has come to the Lego universe and it leads to some pretty funny moments. They could have spent more time here as far as I was concerned.

But then they’re attacked by a minidoll (I’m still not buying any minidolls) and they’re on the run then the main crew aside from Emmett is abducted and taken upstairs. They meet the villain for most of the film a Duplo face that seems to have LEGO pieces surrounding it, and likes to sing and rap. I really didn’t care for the character, there really wasn’t anything funny about it the way there was the first movie’s Lord/President Business by Will Ferrell.

So Emmett goes to save everyone despite worrying he’s not tough enough. He meets another Chris Pratt voiced character who is tough and has a spaceship crewed by velociraptors. From there it’s just all saving the universe and jokes sprinkled in with a somewhat satisfying resolution.

Overall, it was entertaining and not a bad thing to see in the theater, the sound of kids guffawing is probably the main reason to pay $15 vs waiting for dvd/streaming. Lots of good pop culture humor and a lot of Lego specific humor, a great scene where two minifigures fight in stop motion by banging together just like they do when you’re a kid and make them fight in real life. So I’d recommend seeing it at some point and maybe watching the first Lego movie beforehand to remind yourself of the characters if you’ve only seen once or a long time ago.

Review: 70812 The Lego Movie Creative Ambush

Pieces: 473  Minifigures: 4  Retail Price: $39.99  Price I Paid: $23.98 from Lego S@H a true deal!

70812 box f

70812 box b

I wanted this set for a long time for it’s old west pieces and figures and I finally got it for a great price, nearly 50% off.

70812 minifigures

All the minifigures are named, you get from L to R, Rootbeer Belle, Sudds Backwash, Executive Ellen and Kabob Bob.

Since it’s a Lego Movie set, of course you get a Micro Manager, which is ho-hum. Spare black pieces anyone?

70812 micro manager

70812 kabob stand car

Then there’s the kabob stand which is transformed into a plane.

70812 saloon plane 1

The best part of the set is the saloon pieces built into a biplane.

70812 saloon piano

Lot’s of little details, the piano being my favorite. They must use a different notation system in the Lego universe, the staff only has 4 lines.

70812 saloon plane 2

I think this is the first set to come with dartboards and cannons. (The dartboards are stickers though.)

70812 set

I’m really happy with this set and looking forward to attempting to build a saloon and kabob stand out of it. It was a real deal for less than $25 and the western minifigures are excellent.

The Exo-Suit and Mech -ification of Lego sets

Is it just me or has the helicopter inclusion spread to Exo-Suits and Mechs in Lego sets lately?
As you’re well aware if you buy a City set it has about a 1 in 5 chance of having a Helicopter in it. And now we seem to have a new must have in Lego sets – the Mech or Power Armor Suit or Exo-Suit. Let me run down the list of the last few years.
I think it all started with 6862 Power Armor Lex

Then of course you have the wonderful 21109 Exo-Suit

70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

31007 Power Mech

70165 Ultra Agents Mission HQ

70813 Rescue Reinforcements

70814 Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech

We have two Lego Movie Sets with Mechs! Isn’t that a little much? Or are Mechs just really hot right now? I’m not even going into Chima or Ninjago where variations seem to be in every other set.

This year it has even spread to our beloved Batman:

76026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas

I don’t have a problem with Mechs, just like I don’t have a problem with helicopters, but it starts to seem pretty lazy after awhile. Ok, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Review: Lego 70818 Double-Decker Couch Double Decker Couch!!

Pieces: 197  Minifigures: 5  Retail Price: $14.99  Price I Paid: Retail

70818 box f

70818 box b

If this set isn’t from everyone’s favorite set in The Lego Movie, it’s at least from my favorite scene in the movie. I have a feeling the former is true. This is a case of Lego getting it right. Before if you wanted yourself a double-decker couch designed by Lego you had to buy MetalBeard’s Sea Cow for $250. It was kind of a no-go. Now you can get yourself your very own Lego designed couch for only $14.99 plus tax! And here’s a fifteen dollar set that comes with 5 minifigures. Yes I’m counting you too Uni-Kitty!

70818 minifigures

Benny and Emmet and President Business all have two faces. Vitruvius doesn’t have pants but a 1X2XSomething brick. And Uni-Kitty comes with two different sets of eyes and eyebrows, it must be too hard to double side print a brick I guess.

70818 the couch

The couch could be a little better, if the ladders on the sides connected on the top as well and didn’t just stick out awkwardly. The brickset review complained of two different blue colors for the tiles and plates but I don’t have that problem. This does seem to be a mostly Made in China set though.

70818 set

But I can’t really complain too much. I wanted a Double-Decker couch and I didn’t want to spend $250. Even as a $20 set this would be worthy of buying at retail price. If you enjoyed The Lego Movie (and if you didn’t and you’re reading this blog, congrats) you’ll probably want and enjoy this set. I’m giving it an 8.