Lego Star Wars Assault on Hoth – What a piece of junk!

I’ve been waiting for this set for awhile, as any right thinking person, I’m a huge fan of Hoth. But this is just a lame combination of the prior Hoth sets. The keyword here is creativity, the massive lack of it, that is. Lego is supposed to be a creative toy and we’ve already bought this creative toy before. If not for the minifigures, the parts value of this set must be really low. It’s sad to see how cool the Ewok Village was and how comparatively lame this is – and yes, this set is $250. And for $250 you only get one Tauntaun. And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.

Review: Lego 7965 Millennium Falcon

Pieces: 1254  Minifigures: 6  Retail Price: $139.99  Price I Paid: $69.99+tax

This is a set I wanted for quite some time but at the same time I didn’t want at all. It is pricey, comes in on the wrong side of the 10 cents per piece ratio and is basically all grey pieces. It’s also kinda of a so-so model, the bottom is unfinished and the way the top pieces fold in and out, while an interesting way of making the model more “playable” isn’t very streamlined, even for Lego. It takes me further down the rabbit hole of Lego Star Wars, an unending collection of sets and minifigures. After deciding against it, it had a cameo in The Lego Movie and I started to want it again. Then Target did their summer clearance and I walked into my local Target and there was one on the shelf for only $70 and it was a no brainer.

The set is interesting to build but the criticism that’s been written elsewhere is true – the cockpit is wrong. Han and Chewie can’t sit side by side. And there’s no way you’re getting anyone else in the cockpit. These are the compromises of getting a “full size” but not full size ship.

The little details on the inside are what make the set more than just a collection of grey Lego.

The holotable is present (it’s a sticker).

Compartments for smuggling – in case you ever get boarded by Imperial thugs.

The remote for Luke to fight is an approximation – apparently they can’t make Lego hover yet. The blast shield is the back printing on his head.

This set includes Darth Vader, the first one I own even though I have several other Lego Star Wars sets.

What a piece of junk!

The details on the back are nice as is the blue tubing to mimic the appearance of the engines.

In the end, I’d give this set a 5. A good set to buy if it’s on sale. I think it’s days of existence are coming to an end, it was released in 2011 and isn’t on the shelves at my Lego store anymore, but still available online. It used to be decently discounted on Amazon, not so much anymore. (See below). It’s a good collection of figures, and screams out Star Wars, these are all of the characters as they first appear in the films, but I don’t see why they couldn’t include R2-D2 and C-3PO, they did the same thing in the new 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina, luckily I bought 9490 Droid Escape while it was available, sadly it isn’t any more.
Acutally Amazon has it for $119.97 right now, which is probably the best you’ll do at this late stage: LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965

Lego 2015 Set Images Leaked

UPDATE: The photos have been taken down but are now available through this Gizmodo link.

These appear to be quite preliminary photos, I’m hopeful that they will end up a little more creative. They do confirm that the Elves sets are going to be for girls with minidolls like the Friends line. Ok so they’re not specifically for girls but c’mon Lego. I’m not a fan of Friends – the whole idea that the sets for girls should be specifically “different” seems stupid, without minifigures, seems quite stupid. Additionally they have the Hulk in a Justice League set, which is what all of the DC sets appear to be, no specific Batman sets in this wave of sets. I like the Batman Mech suit – that’s definitely better than another lame flying vehicle. It also appears the Batman figures will have some sort of “Super Jumper” functionality attached to them. We also appear to be getting Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and a Supergirl. The Pirates sets sadly look like they are made for smaller children – which is great for the small children but they are nothing in line with what Lego made “when I was a kid.” (Did I really just say that? Wow.) They also have branded the plain pieces sets and the “new” baseplate as Lego Classic. The Star Wars sets are all based on the prequels or TV shows – so as someone saying things like “when I was a kid” obviously I have little interest in them. I do find it depressing to see that Disney is now printed on the box of all the Star Wars sets. I would guess that the next wave would be based on the new film, probably some early spoilers about the film will be from leaked pictures of the toys that they produce. Anyway have a look and leave your thoughts in the comments here.

All the images are here.

Let’s hope these are as preliminary as the watermarks indicate – the odd assortment of figures in the Pirates sets seems to indicate that the figures aren’t decided on yet at least.

Luke’s X-34 Landspeeder Lego Set Comparison 7110 v 75052

In the review yesterday I spoke of how I thought it was unnecessary to include Luke’s Landspeeder with the Cantina set. I decided to get my old Landspeeder out for a comparison. As it happens, the old one is the only Star Wars Lego set I bought before rediscovering Lego as a full time hobby more recently.

Set 7110 came out in 1999 so it has Star Wars minifigures with yellow heads instead of the newer flesh colors and even newer more expressive heads.

Before I got the old set out, I thought there wasn’t too much difference between the two, other than the new one being bigger – and the admittedly neat addition of clear plastic pieces to the bottom to make it hover a bit.

Then I got it out and saw how much less polish there was to it, in terms of fancy pieces and total number of pieces overall. Only 49 in 7110. But at the same time, it is a lot more Lego-y if that makes sense.

Lego has come a long way in the last 15 years but a lot of that is with newer molded pieces and much greater use of rounded corners, to mimic the “real” world more it seems. I’m not complaining, I just find it interesting. I wonder if the designers always wanted things to look more realistic and as Lego made more money they suddenly had the money to do so or they found out or assumed that the buyers of Lego wanted it that way. Either toy gets the same reaction from me, they are both Lego representations so their “realism” ends at a certain point. But the addition of the clear pieces to make the newer landspeeder hover is the only thing I find specifically better about the newer set. As you can see I didn’t put the stickers on the engines, I might eventually, but I’m not crazy about stickers where the underlying piece is a different color than the sticker is trying to make it. Also from the pictures and element list (I don’t have the set) it appears this newest iteration of the landspeeder is nearly identical to set 8092 which came out in 2010 but was available for several years. 8092 didn’t have the hover function either interestingly. Well those are just my thoughts to ponder for the day. The more important question is – it’s 2014 why can’t I go out and buy one of these things for real already?!

Review: Lego 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina

Pieces: 616  Minifigures: 8  Retail Price: $69.99  Price I Paid: $63.38 (Amazon)

Never has there been, a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Let me first say that collecting Lego Star Wars is a slippery slope. You get a set and then you realize you need another set to complement that one, because you’re missing a few characters or something. Next thing you know… You see some Bith musicians and you’d really like to have them. Not to mention a very nice Greedo.

For a retail price of $70, this is a little light in the piece count – as we often expect from a Star Wars set. I got it from Amazon when for some reason they had discounted it by $10 for preorder, but just got around to building it. The pieces are great fun, I love the tan sand pieces of Tatooine – I wish I’d been around to get some of the Prince of Persia sets for parts. Despite the fewer pieces though, it’s a pretty clever way of building the Cantina so that it can “fold” into a square or be displayed in a long line of rooms.

The Cantina enclosed.

Although the structure is clever, it is quite small, I think this is because of the inclusion of a Dewback and Luke’s Landspeeder. This points to the constant Lego attempt to design sets for children so that they are playsets. I for one definitely did not need Luke’s Landspeeder – there’s not a Tusken Raider in sight and there’s only one Sandtrooper for Obi-Wan to play Jedi Mind Tricks on.

I’m not much a fan of Dewbacks either. They are mostly a product of the modified trilogy.

But we do get Greedo and a very nice setting for the classic showdown.

“Even I get boarded sometimes.”

This is pretty cool. The other things missing though are Wuher, the bartender. They have the whole bar set up – but it’s begging for Ponda Baba at the least.

Like many Earth bars, the bartender is nowhere in sight.

So ultimately, this is a set with some very cool features and great minifigures but it seems like it was cherry picked when it came to what plot points to incorporate into the set, and I think it looses a little bit for it. It would be great to have another set come out with the missing figures, but since this is the Cantina interior, the chance of that happening is beyond slim to none. Since I said a 5 is a set to get on sale – and I think <$60 should be the target price for this set, I'll add one for the great figures - especially the musicians and give it a 6 overall. Check the price on Amazon.