Lego Classic Thursday: 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing – Lego Indiana Jones

Back with more Indiana Jones.

7683 set

Set 7683 from 2009 and you get the plane, fuel truck and four minifigures.

7683 mf

Those are some of the nicest abs I’ve seen on a minifigure, nice mustache as well. The Indy and Marion Ravenwood figures are identical to the ones in the 7621 Lost Tomb set.

7683 cockpit

The plane is pretty iconic and has a forward cockpit and a rear gunner cockpit, which is where Marion gets trapped after Indy beats up the mechanic (and he gets chopped up by the propeller). This isn’t a plane from real life, the closest thing to look like this, the Horton Ho 229 was jet powered. Of course, if you have jet engines, you can’t get chopped up by propeller blades.

7683 truck

The fuel truck is in the set as well, so that it can leak everywhere and create a fiery explosion enveloping the plane. It’s nothing special.

7683 pilot

As you can see, the cockpit canopy is a special piece to this set. The Wing that comprises the plane is also one solid flat flexible type piece. With stickers of course.

This is another great movie set for recreating scenes.

7683 fight


7683 locked cockpit

Another set if you like Indy, you’ll love. Given the large size of the plane, this set makes a great display.

Review: Lego 9473 The Mines Of Moria

Pieces: 776  Minifigures: 6 + Cave Troll  Retail Price: $79.99  Price I Paid: ~$65

December Special! The final Hobbit movie comes out in the middle of the month. Unless Peter Jackson has J.R.R. Tolkein’s body dug up and reanimated to write more books, it should be the last we see of Middle Earth on the big screen for quite awhile. I’m a big fan of the Lego LOTR sets and will attempt to review all of them in the next few weeks. As many of these sets are no longer available, I’m going to use a 1-5 rating system where 3 is average and 5 is excellent.


This set comes with 6 minifigures, 7 if you include the large figure cave troll, which is pretty big, larger than the Wampa and Incredible Hulk. It is the only set that included Boromir or Pippin, while Attack On Weathertop was the only set to include Merry. As I said, Lego really made sure they spread the fellowship around so you couldn’t just buy one or two sets. When I took the photos I thought it came with Gandalf and Frodo as well (I figured every set came with Frodo, but now I realize that the extra Gandalf and Frodo figures I have came with the polybags Gandalf at Dol Guldur and Frodo’s Cooking Corner. This was also because the Brickset database lists it having 9 minifigures but that is because it includes two skeletons. I’m sorry but skeleton’s don’t count in my book. Or Bilbo’s probably. So instead of just reshooting I thought it would be more interesting (and easier obviously) to just put a big red X over the two figures I mistakenly included. Who doesn’t love a big red X?

9473 minifigures bad guys

Surprisingly (to me at least) this was also the only set with Legolas in it until the Pirate Ship set came out. I don’t own that one and probably won’t – that scene in the movie doesn’t really do anything for me and the set seems kind of boring. Put it this way, it costs more than this set did and I’d probably rather have three of these before I bought one of those.

9473 doors

This set is broken down into four separate “sections” the first of which is the door that the goblins smash through with their cave troll. The brown doors themselves are pretty nice and “realistic.”

9473 side wall

Next you have the side wall section which can break apart if you press a lever – the doorway also does this – a great playset feature.

The next two sections are smaller – the tomb of the great dwarf (who I think was Gimli’s relative – but are all dwarves related? (is that racist?)) and the well with the bucket and skeleton which leads to the excellent line “Fool of a took!”

9473 tomb

9473 well

Not included in these photos is a little bag of weapons you get – grey ones that are supposed to be spread around the room as if left by the dwarves.

This set makes for great battle scenes – and if you do spread random pieces around it would look quite similar to the films – obviously you might want to add four real walls.

9473 close up

But this is a pretty cool set the only reason I hesitated to buy it before was waiting for it to go on sale a little but in retrospect it is probably worth the full retail price. I’ll happily give this a 5 despite the price I think the inclusion of Boromir and the Cave troll and the real effort made to capture the scene in the film is worth it.

9473 set

Lego 10937 Arkham Asylum Breakout has been retired

So long old friend.

I noticed yesterday that it was listed as “sold out” on the Lego Shop at Home website. I went to the Lego store today and inquired and they confirmed it had been retired. They did not have any in stock at the store either. Other than that, not much excitement at the Lego store these days.