Review: Lego 76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue

Pieces: 299  Minifigures: 3 + 1 Big Fig  Retail Price: $44.99  Price I Paid: 50% off Target Clearance

76016 box f

76016 box b

I bought this set because it was 50% off and comes with a big Green Goblin figure. You also get Mary Jane, Spiderman and a futuristic Geordi LaForge Power Man.

76016 minifigures

76016 green goblin

Of course, you can’t have a Lego set these days without a helicopter. This helicopter has big wheels on the side with extra rotors. But also some cool missiles and a net launcher.

76016 copter

76016 cockpits

I guess Power Man flies the helicopter and Spider Man swings out of it. His cockpit doesn’t have a floor so you can “launch” him out.

76016 launchers

76016 set

Overall, not a bad set, but definitely wouldn’t have been worth the original retail price of nearly $50 for 299 pieces. I’d rate it a 4 because of the high retail price. You can get it at a reasonable price on Amazon. And now I can’t get this song out of my head:

UCS Helicarrier and Lego Ideas?

It was in this video in November that Lego stated the next Ideas review would be in January. Unless they intend to do it on the weekend that leaves today and tomorrow. Where is it Lego? I want my Lego Doctor Who!

Complicating the guessing game behind the Lego Ideas review is the official announcement of the UCS Marvel Avengers Helicarrier, a set that is currently under consideration supposedly for Lego Ideas.

So this could mean that Lego Doctor Who will just be announced as it’s own set and they will dispense with the Ideas theory behind it, although the two licensed sets in the past have been Ideas branded. And in case you were beginning to wonder if there was any rhyme or reason to what Lego does, there probably isn’t because the Lego Helicarrier set was leaked via an image of the March Lego Store calendar and it was less than an hour ago that Lego tweeted an official coming soon picture.

I’m hoping they get it together and make the Ideas announcement today or tomorrow but I feel like it’s less likely than not. Meanwhile, where is the already announced and Lego Ideas approved Big Bang Theory set?

And a few notes about the Helicarrier set – I assume Lego was working on this for awhile, but the Ideas version of the set was posted as early as June of last year. Is there going to be any official acknowledgement about this? The Ideas set creators are supposed to get a royalty of sets that get produced. I don’t see much difference in the two sets above, although the Ideas set was supposed to use 10 times the number of pieces the official one does. As for the set itself, I’m not interested in it, Lego is using mini-minifigures to make the scale seem more correct. I guess if they’d made it really big, they could have included Duplo figures.

Review: Lego 76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist

Pieces: 237  Minifigures: 3  Retail Price: $19.99  Price I Paid: Retail

Looking at the images of this set, I realize now that I kind of need to put the stickers on, the truck looks pretty bare without them. I bought this set soon after it came out, because the truck in it looked pretty neat. After building it I can say it is pretty neat but it’s nothing super spectacular. I’m not especially a fan of Spider-Man but they seem to always be pretty good sets that come out for him so I’ve bought a few.

This set has three minifigures, Spider-Man of course, Doc Ock (sadly not Alfred Molina) and your standard flesh colored policeman. I’m not sure if the policeman is supposed to be the truck driver or not, but he’s obviously the most qualified of the three.

As you can see, the Truck is interesting with all of it’s little compartments and what especially drew me to it is the armored look of the front grille. I’m pretty lukewarm on this set, more so than when I bought it, so I think I’ll give it a 4. If you’re a Spider-Man fan you won’t be disappointed though. As a play set for a younger Lego fan, I’m sure it would be hours of fun.
It is pretty nicely discounted on Amazon, less than $15 currently: LEGO Superheroes 76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist

Review: Lego 76004 Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase

Pieces: 237  Minifigures: 3  Retail Price: $19.99  Price I Paid: about 25% discounted

What’s this, a Marvel Spider-Man set reviewed on a Lego Batman site? Well, yeah, calm down. They only make so many Batman sets ever year. Also I just learned something new while posting this review, it’s “Spider-Man” not “Spiderman.”
Anyway, I bought this set mostly to add Nick Fury to my cadre of Avengers figures – I’m only missing Black Widow, it didn’t seem necessary to buy a $70 plane to get one minifigure, even if it was Scarlett Johansson. This set has been well discounted for awhile now, I bought it a long time ago and finally opened it for building and review. And just like the Lego 6867 Cosmic Cube escape, we’ve got another great vehicle in this one. (Ahem, Batman builders, take note.)

You get 3 figures for your $20, more like $15 – see Amazon. And more than the 200 pieces you’d expect for a $20 set. Of course you get Spider-Man, Nick Fury and a villain who I had to look up (on the front of the box) called Venom.

Nick Fury is one of the few minifigures that has an eyepatch.

The wheels on both the Cycle and the car fold up so they can appear to be hovering – as seen on the front of the box. Basically, Spider-Man has to spend a certain amount of time in the air. The Cycle is pretty boring, but as I said before, the car is great.

It is money green and has a pop up back end to reveal a missile of course. The hood is a nice one piece hood and the windshield (or windscreen if you’re across the pond) is a tall windshield piece that is used horizontally rather than vertically. This is the first time I can remember seeing this and results in a much sleeker look.

The car is also a one seater which is interesting, I really like the two 1×2 tiles on either side of the seat.

But ultimately what makes the car so great is it’s overall profile and the “contour” of the body from front to back, punctuated by the rear spoiler. This is one sleek driving (and hovering) machine. I give this set high marks, I think I’ll give it a 7 since it’s got a great vehicle, a crucial minifigure in Nick Fury and a pretty good villain. This also makes it a good stand-alone set. Even better, it’s been on a permanent 25% off sale for sometime now. I’d get one before they disappear – it’s currently only $14.79 on Amazon: LEGO Super Heroes Spider-Cycle Chase 76004

The only thing I would change is the name. Instead of Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase (and I”m not a fan of the colon usage in sets to get the Super Hero name in there anyway) I’d call it Nick Fury and His Awesome Car.