2015 Lego DC Superheroes Pre-orders (might be) available at Amazon

A little Batman discussion among all this Lord of the Rings.

UPDATE: For now – you can access the link above and see the other sets in the related items area and just click “Pre-order” without actually viewing the item. So you can put the item in your cart and checkout even though the page doesn’t come up.

I was just able to pre-order all of the sets except for Braniac Attack, so 4/5 new sets for next year. The estimated arrival is Jan 6 (with Prime shipping) – I’ll update the links as the other sets links become active. Here’s hoping for a price decrease that results in a “Pre-order Price Guarantee” !

As a fun exercise here is a list of all the minifigures the four sets contain.

76025 Green Lantern vs Sinestro
Green Lantern
Space Batman

76026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas
Gorilla Grodd
Captain Cold
Truck Driver
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Batman – Grey Suit

76027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike
Black Manta
Batman – Grey Suit
Scuba Robin – very exciting

76028 Darkseid Invasion
Green Arrow

The Braniac Attack is set number 76040 so maybe this set is coming out later in the year. This is a set I’m keen to get because it has Supergirl. So far Space Batman and Scuba Robin are the most exciting. We have a kind of a Scuba Batman from Penguin Set. Now if only we could get the Penguin Submarine from the original Batman movie…