Lego CMF Series 12 Continued

After I posted the photos of the minifigures last week I realized I had made a grievous error- I hadn’t put the upper cape (collar) on the Wizard. So here he is, in his even greater resplendency:

It doesn’t say so anywhere, but I have a feeling he’s not a conjurer of cheap tricks either.

Then I wanted to post the minifigure photos of the three that seem to be part of the same theme. That theme is of course: showing your chest.

We have the Lifeguard Guy:

I don’t know who JT is – I never watched Baywatch but I assume this guy would fit right in.

The Swashbuckler:

The back of his shirt is great as well – if it weren’t for that ship’s wheel belt buckle he was wearing, his torso would be perfect for many different historic scenes.

And the Rock Star – with free chest hair!

When I first saw this figure I thought it was supposed to be Joan Jett, until I saw the chest hair. The rest of the figure is a perfect for her, but the chest hair is kind of a deal breaker. Can I get a “that’s what she said”? Sorry, it’s Monday, I couldn’t resist.

Lego CMF Minifigures Series 12

I took some photos of a few of the Series 12 minifigures I got at the Lego store yesterday. The feel method worked well, the only duplicates I got were the ones I wanted duplicates of. I have 9 of the 16 now, the only two I didn’t find that I wanted were the Genie and Goth Girl. There were more packs to be felt at the store but I thought I’d call it a day and prolong the search – which is really half the fun of collecting the figures.

The Wizard is probably my favorite so far – he has both stars and moons on his robe, but even better, he has them on his cape! He looks truly resplendent.

I was so excited to see the cape had the printing on it. That makes this figure worth the extra dollar. Most of the other figures don’t have these extra details to justify the price increase and even worse they seem to be 100% Chinese plastic now. This is very unfortunate. For example the Pig Man or Pig Suit Guy, as cool as he is, is very lightweight. I just realized that the Lego site has been updated with what they call the “character names” and his official title is Piggy Guy.

The Battle Goddess (as I’ve just learned she’s called) has a beautiful shield.

And when you remove her helmet and weaponry she makes a very good normal ancient inhabitant – especially the torso.

Which is back printed as well.

Well, that’s all for now. Lego Minifigures – get them while they’re hot (and expensive…) There is more confirmation on Brickset today about Target sticking to the $2.99 price in some locations.

It’s Bricktober! UPDATED

Which means double VIP points are now available at the Lego store – so now is a decent time to buy sets that aren’t ever going on sale. Additionally, you get the first “free” Christmas set if you spend over $99. The Series 12 Minifigures should be out in the stores. I’m taking a trip to the Lego Store today, so I’ll be back later to report on my findings.

UPDATE: I have returned from the Lego store. First I went to Target to see if they really were selling Series 12 minifigures for $2.99 still. They had none out- possibly I went to early in the morning or something? I broke down and just bought 11 figures from the Lego store to combine with the Santa’s Workshop and get the first free Christmas set – Toy Shop. Paying $3.99 for minifigures is pretty ridiculous, if it weren’t for double VIP points and the free set I wouldn’t have done it. No sign of the Exo-Suit but the staff said they would be getting one more shipment in at some point. As usual nothing much new, nothing on sale (that wasn’t a keychain), and the only major new thing was the obnoxious Lego Fusion electronic display. Can’t a person feel up minifigure packets in peace?

Identifying Lego Minifigures Series 12 a.k.a. the feel method

If you’re like me and have no shame, you’ll want to collect the new Series 12 collectable minifigures without getting a bunch of doubles. That means standing in the aisle of your local store like a crazy person feeling all the packets. Here’s a quick guide of what to feel for. It usually takes me a bit of time to get it right, the first time they have figures in the store I’m excited and end up making one mistake and getting a double I don’t want, but that only strengthens my focus for the next trip. It really helps to visualize the figure as you feel the packs. Ok, here goes-


Gamer – Find a 2×1 tile, but make sure there is only one, the Jester has 2, the tile is the only accessory the Gamer has.

Prospector – The pickaxe should be easy to find, once you have a pickaxe, you know you’ve got a prospector.

Rock Star – The guitar is easy here, there is a big V (oblique angle) on one end and staff/rod feel at the other end.

Swashbuckler – His sword is the smallest in the set, his hat may be similar to the prospector. If you can feel the 3 pointed feather that goes in his cap you’re all set.

Wizard – The Wizard and the Princess are the only two with “dress” legs but they also have pointy hats – look for a small rod, that is the bottom of the Wizard’s staff – this could be a tough one, but if you have dress legs and a staff it has to be the wizard.

Hun Warrior – Look for the sword and the shield with the dimple in it, the Female Spartan has a curved smooth shield – the sword is the longsword, the only one in the collection.

Fairy Princess – Find the dress legs and the pointy hat then confirm with the frog – there will be several pieces less than in the Wizard packet.

Goth Girl – Feel for the Teddy Bear and confirm with the long hair.

Female Spartan – The long staff/spear should be quite easy to find, it is the longest piece of any of the figures.

Space Miner – His armor is the same as the Space Marine from before, it is a big bulky piece which will make the packet bigger quite possibly.

Lifeguard – This could be a tough one, he’s only got binoculars and a safety float – I’ve never encountered a safety float before so I’m not sure what it will feel like.

Court Jester – Find the two 2×1 tiles and a big Jester (Harley Quinn) headpiece.

Dinosaur Hunter – The Bow and arrow will feel like a little webbed thingy – she also has the only ponytail. Finding the nob on the syringe handle will confirm.

Pizza Delivery Man – He has a flat 2×2 tile and a round one for the pizza. He also has a baseball hat on.

Female Genie – This should be easy, she has a genie bottom – the legs will start to feel like a snake.

Pig Suit Guy – The apple is the only accessory, I’d feel for the ears and the snout of the headpiece.

And that should be that – good luck as there are definitely a few that I don’t need doubles of in this series.