Lego Classic Thursday: 7199 The Temple of Doom – Lego Indiana Jones


Look at that beauty- and head over to Flickr to see it bigger. Is it possible for a set based on a scene from a movie to be better than the movie? If it is, this set leads the way. While it’s not perfect, Temple of Doom is far, far from perfect. Again I’m using the “Classic” moniker on a set that’s from 2009, but the movie is a classic even if it’s not. You can’t go straight from Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Last Crusade, you need a buffer.


You get Indy, Willie Scott and Short Round, to be chased and ritually sacrificed by Mola Ram and his two henchmen. Notice the tiny Lego head on ‘s headdress – a nice touch, it’s a skull in the film. Willie has her scream face, basically the thing she does for the whole movie “OHH, INDYYYYYYYY.” I find the constant whining and screaming tiresome, but Spielberg ended up marrying her. Maybe it was just acting?

Even cooler, Indy is missing his sleeve just like in the movie.


So the set comprises the minifigures and the “temple” along with the mine car track. The layout isn’t exactly faithful to the movie but I don’t think that would be exactly possible, and it’s such an iconic scene/set that it translates regardless.


Here we’ve got Mola all ready for the sacrifice or whatever ritual he was performing. I know it involves tearing Indy’s heart out – literally. That’s not a feature included here. Everybody smile!


The glowing skull stones move forward and the trap door opens in the floor Lego cage and pulley system not included.


The temple is fairly two dimensional. At the bottom there is a chopping sword, I’m not sure why, along with some mining equipment and jewels.



The “fire rock brick” is a fairly rare element in the set. Pretty cool too.


When it’s time to escape or just joyride around, hop into the mining car.


Willie Scott is still screaming. Short Round is still stereotyping.


The tracks pass through a second structure with rocks in the top (I think this is a rock hopper) that can be dumped into a mining car below. Not actual rocks of course.


This is obviously a cause for great concern from Willie Scott.


But in the end, we know it all turns out ok. Mostly.


This is a great set because it seems to really capture the scenes from the movie on a big scale. It has height and width even though it doesn’t have a lot of pieces. Let’s remember it’s based on a movie where 3 people survive by jumping out of a flying plane into a life raft. Of course, one of them happens to be Indiana Jones.

Lego Classic Thursday: 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb

Nope, I’m not dead. Aside from not updating the site for ages, I had some qualms about Indiana Jones sets and the “Classic” label. Too soon? This set is from 2007, not even 10 years ago. I would have posted sooner but I was wrestling with the question for many months. And even if you don’t believe that, which I wouldn’t for a minute, you have to be excited to see Indiana Jones.


He’s a superhero so cool he doesn’t need a secret identity.

I was lucky to have this set bought for me when I wasn’t collecting Lego, but somehow was aware enough to enjoy this. If only I’d bought the rest of the lot at the time. IF ONLY. This set has 277 pieces and only cost $20. A deal. The only thing is, if there was a set to include John Rhys-Davies in, this was the one. If you can find a Gimli and put desert wear and normal legs on him, it might work, but I doubt it. As it is, you only get Indy and Marion Ravenwood in the camp dress she’s given when she’s captured.

7621 minifigures

The set is a fairly good approximation of the tomb where they find the ark. The only problem with this is if the ark is in the tomb, Marion shouldn’t be because she’s only put there once the Nazis get the Ark.

7621 the lost tomb

You’ve got the large snake statutes and torches and some pretty good hieroglyphics via stickers.

7621 snakes, why did it have to be snakes

As you can see, I wasn’t very worried about making the stickers straight at this time. (Also it’s really stupid to put a sticker across 2 pieces.) This sticker has R2-D2 and C-3PO, just as they are visible on a column in the film. There are also 10 snakes to drop down and spread around the tomb. Though no pane of glass to separate the figures from the snakes for their big moment. The fun doesn’t end here, though, you can destroy the temple and see our hero escape through the back wall.

7621 tomb destruction

What a set. My copy is pretty dusty as you can see, but there’s a lot of dust throughout the Indiana Jones films, so I think it’s ok. I’m so glad I got this set back in the day. It sells for about double now, it was one of the cheapest sets of the Indiana Jones line, which came in two waves I believe. Recently I’ve managed to get a few more from eBay, so stay tuned for future Thursdays. Until then, KEEP YOUR EYES SHUT!

Lego Classic Thursday: 6276 Eldorado Fortress

This is one of my favorite, if not overall favorite Lego set ever. It is also one of the first sets I ever got.

6276 set

As you can see, it’s amazing. And it’s completely three dimensional! This set is why I think so many newer Lego sets are lacking, if you get the front of the building you don’t get the back of it, unless you’re buying a Creator set.

6276 side1

In a modern Lego set the whole back side would be cut off and unenclosed. Of course, we do lack the little issue of ladders, so that the figures could actually get from one level to the next. Maybe they could take the hoist, when it’s not being used to lift treasure chests.

6276 side2

6276 doors

Over the years I lost a few pieces apparently – the I can’t seem to find the correct Governor’s face anywhere.

6276 Gov wrongface

With as few masted ships there were in the Lego Pirates world, there were certainly plenty of rowboats. I’m not sure how the Pirates expect to steal any treasure in a rowboat against a fort. Of course nobody thought an X-Wing could blow up the Death Star either…

6276 Redbeard

6276 main

6276 treasure hold

The “hold” for the treasure is a great play feature – I must have opened thousands of times as a kid.

6276 upside

It looks great from any angle. There you have it. What a great set. Even though they crack, bring back the molded baseplates Lego!

Lego Classic Thursday 7413 The Passage of Jun-Chi – Lego Adventurers 2003

Returning to Lego Classic Thursday with another Adventurers set, 7413 The Passage of Jun-Chi. This is from 2003 so it’s only 12 years old but it is part of the Adventurers line which was originally introduced in 1998. 2003 was the last year of the line and they were part of Orient Adventures, all inspired presumably by Asia. We have our here, Johnny Thunder:

7413 Johnny Thunder Hat

And without his hat so you can see his lovely classic printed hair:

7413 Johnny Thunder no hat

This set contains exactly 100 pieces. Johnny is just wandering along when he stumbles along this beautiful ruby.

7413 set a

Presumably he and Indiana Jones went to the same school of ethics when it comes to Archeology. So when he tries to take the ruby…

7413 set b

A large scary monster/guardian/yeti appears and dissuades him from doing so. The ruby and the monster/guardian/yeti are on opposite sides of a rotating platform.

7413 set c

The monster’s construction is interesting, it consists of single legs piece, then a plate with two bricks on it which the arms connect to, then the outer body that goes on top and over the construction.

7413 monster or yeti

These days this would likely be done by a single big figure that was all one piece of plastic like the Wampa or Hulk.

And there you have it. 2003 was the last year of Lego Adventurers, even though Indiana Jones didn’t start until 2008. I think it’s time to bring this line back, even if Lego just does a revamp of the past sets. Of course there also might be some new Indiana Jones sets, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Lego Classic Thursday – 5928 Bi-Wing Baron

Here’s another set from the Adventurers line – with the Baron, who I think was the villain or at least rival to Johnny Thunder. I’m pretty sure with that monocle and hook for a hand, he’s not one of the good guys. It’s another basic set, sold originally for $6 in 1998.

What a great figure!

I discovered I was missing a black sloped brick when building it – the piece is supposed to go right in front of the tail. I just replaced it with a new grey piece, now you can see the difference between new and old grey.

No rear wheels for landing?

The propeller and engine look is pretty neat, as are obviously the flames on the sides. Interesting the way they put rifles and mounted them on the plane. I think this is about as “offensive” (in the weapons outfitting sense) as a Lego set would get since this is kind of a modern era set.

This plane has a lot of guns.

Lego Classic Thursday – 5918 Scorpion Tracker

There’s another scorpion rattling around somewhere with my old sets.

What a great set. Part of the Lego Adventurers line, which was a pretty obvious Indiana Jones impersonation. (“Rip-off” is too harsh a word.) This set came out in 1998, 10 years before the Indiana Jones licensed theme debuted. It starred Johnny Thunder – see him below in all his glory.

Say what you will, but Indiana Jones’ hat brim doesn’t fold up on one side.

The jeep that comes with the set is also wonderful. Ok, the jeep is the set. There is a special sliding place for the 2×2 map tile and a 1×2 tile on the floorboard that has various vehicle gauges. The seats are molded into one big rectangular piece, but they look like real padded seats – quite wonderful.

They don’t make ’em like they used to.

This set consists of 35 pieces and sold for $4. Four bucks! It was and is worth every penny.

Lego Throwback Thursday – Time Cruisers – the closest we’ll get to Lego Doctor Who?

The Professor – “Dr. Cyber” and “Tim”

Let me first apologize for using the phrase “throwback Thursday” – it was an attempt to get the youth interested – I will from now on try to refer to it as “Lego Classic Thursday.” I realized a few weeks ago on a Thursday I posted pictures of the old Landspeeder set and thought as long as the old sets last I’d continue posting photos on Thursdays. The image above is not a set, just the minifigures from set 6493 Flying Time Vessel circa 1996. With the Lego Ideas Tardis set review soon to be revealed it would appear that the possibility of more Lego time travelers is close. If the project does not get “green-lit” as Lego say then we’ll always have good old Professor and Tim to fall back on. I’m not sure if the Professor forgot Tim’s name a lot and that’s why he has to wear a shirt with a big T on it, or maybe the T stands for Time. Either way I always thought the Tim character was a little silly but I like the Professor guy. Notice his bow tie? Bow ties are cool.