Lego CMF Series 12 Continued

After I posted the photos of the minifigures last week I realized I had made a grievous error- I hadn’t put the upper cape (collar) on the Wizard. So here he is, in his even greater resplendency:

It doesn’t say so anywhere, but I have a feeling he’s not a conjurer of cheap tricks either.

Then I wanted to post the minifigure photos of the three that seem to be part of the same theme. That theme is of course: showing your chest.

We have the Lifeguard Guy:

I don’t know who JT is – I never watched Baywatch but I assume this guy would fit right in.

The Swashbuckler:

The back of his shirt is great as well – if it weren’t for that ship’s wheel belt buckle he was wearing, his torso would be perfect for many different historic scenes.

And the Rock Star – with free chest hair!

When I first saw this figure I thought it was supposed to be Joan Jett, until I saw the chest hair. The rest of the figure is a perfect for her, but the chest hair is kind of a deal breaker. Can I get a “that’s what she said”? Sorry, it’s Monday, I couldn’t resist.

Identifying Lego Minifigures Series 12 a.k.a. the feel method

If you’re like me and have no shame, you’ll want to collect the new Series 12 collectable minifigures without getting a bunch of doubles. That means standing in the aisle of your local store like a crazy person feeling all the packets. Here’s a quick guide of what to feel for. It usually takes me a bit of time to get it right, the first time they have figures in the store I’m excited and end up making one mistake and getting a double I don’t want, but that only strengthens my focus for the next trip. It really helps to visualize the figure as you feel the packs. Ok, here goes-


Gamer – Find a 2×1 tile, but make sure there is only one, the Jester has 2, the tile is the only accessory the Gamer has.

Prospector – The pickaxe should be easy to find, once you have a pickaxe, you know you’ve got a prospector.

Rock Star – The guitar is easy here, there is a big V (oblique angle) on one end and staff/rod feel at the other end.

Swashbuckler – His sword is the smallest in the set, his hat may be similar to the prospector. If you can feel the 3 pointed feather that goes in his cap you’re all set.

Wizard – The Wizard and the Princess are the only two with “dress” legs but they also have pointy hats – look for a small rod, that is the bottom of the Wizard’s staff – this could be a tough one, but if you have dress legs and a staff it has to be the wizard.

Hun Warrior – Look for the sword and the shield with the dimple in it, the Female Spartan has a curved smooth shield – the sword is the longsword, the only one in the collection.

Fairy Princess – Find the dress legs and the pointy hat then confirm with the frog – there will be several pieces less than in the Wizard packet.

Goth Girl – Feel for the Teddy Bear and confirm with the long hair.

Female Spartan – The long staff/spear should be quite easy to find, it is the longest piece of any of the figures.

Space Miner – His armor is the same as the Space Marine from before, it is a big bulky piece which will make the packet bigger quite possibly.

Lifeguard – This could be a tough one, he’s only got binoculars and a safety float – I’ve never encountered a safety float before so I’m not sure what it will feel like.

Court Jester – Find the two 2×1 tiles and a big Jester (Harley Quinn) headpiece.

Dinosaur Hunter – The Bow and arrow will feel like a little webbed thingy – she also has the only ponytail. Finding the nob on the syringe handle will confirm.

Pizza Delivery Man – He has a flat 2×2 tile and a round one for the pizza. He also has a baseball hat on.

Female Genie – This should be easy, she has a genie bottom – the legs will start to feel like a snake.

Pig Suit Guy – The apple is the only accessory, I’d feel for the ears and the snout of the headpiece.

And that should be that – good luck as there are definitely a few that I don’t need doubles of in this series.