Batman not-mini figures The Batmobile

And here it is – the jewel of my Batman Figures collection – especially since I got it for $24 from Amazon before Christmas. It’s sadly no longer available directly from them.

Batmobile 4

Pretty good interior detail, including the Batphone in the cockpit. And the antenna on the hood. The doors don’t open but are outlined.

Batmobile 3

Sadly it doesn’t shoot flames out of the back.

Batmobile 2

Batman and Robin fit nicely in the cockpit. All of the attachments to the Batmobile, including the pipes sticking out of the back are rubber, so they’re not going to snap off all of a sudden.

Batman Robin Batmobile

“Quickly, Robin, we haven’t a moment to lose!!”

Batman (not mini) Figures – Rogues’ Gallery

Holy Blogging! I’m back. Non-Lego items today, more of the 6″ 1966 Batman figures – this time it’s the villains. There were four released – the four main villains – pretty obvious.

There’s The Joker:
The Joker

Nice bit of detail, you get Cesar Romero’s real mustache painted over:
Joker detail
When I was a kid I just assumed the Joker was weird so he had a weird mustache outline or something.

The Riddler:
The Riddler

The Penguin:
The Penguin

and Catwoman – sans eye mask but it doesn’t really matter, she’s just Catwoman in the show, she doesn’t have a secret identity:

The figures are very poseable, lots of points of articulation, but they are pretty precarious to get to stand up:
Batman POW! Riddler

The Rogues’ Gallery:
Rogues gallery

As you can see they all come with stands with a different word of onomatopoeia on them.

The only figures in this line that I don’t have now as far as I’m aware is Surfs Up Batman and apparently there’s a Surfs Up Joker too. Also I guess we haven’t seen the last of these figures, Batgirl will be joining us, but you’ll have to buy Batman and Robin again. Ok, you got me.

If you look at the Joker’s surfboard you’ll notice that the decal is a cartoon Joker and in the show it resembles Cesar Romero more. This is exactly the kind of inattention to detail that makes me sick. I’m exaggerating, but only very slightly. It’s not that hard to get it right.

Batman Be-leaguered on Cartoon Network tonight at 6PM ET

I’m probably not going to watch it, but it is Lego Batman news and you might be interested. This show is basically an infomercial for the new Lego Batman 3 video game that comes out soon. You can watch a clip of the show here. Probably the most interesting things about these cartoons/video games is that they do provide some insight into the characters that will make it into real sets that come out in the future. A good example is the Space Batman that is coming out next year.

Batman (not mini) Figures

My love of Batman goes back to my childhood. I didn’t read the comic books – I watched reruns of Batman on tv. Adam West, of course. I loved it. And I always wanted action figures from the tv show to play with. They had more modern Batman action figures but none of the real Batman. Well, it only took a couple decades but last year I finally got my wish. They released what they now call “Batman ’66” action figures. Despite some not so great reviews on Amazon, I bought the Batman and Robin set – the only way to get Robin.

Batman and Robin

The set comes with a wall to climb with windows in case you’ve got a Jerry Lewis action figure you want to lean out the window. The “rope” is pretty flimsy and hard to get them to hold onto, but you can mount the plate sideways and actually have them climbing up the wall. I’d post a picture, but I don’t have four hours to spend posing them just right so they stand up correctly.

Boy Wonder

As I said this set was the only way to get a Robin figure, which seems pretty cruel, it’s not like he was only occasionally in the show.

Dynamic Duo

I’m not going to say these are the greatest quality. They have seemingly endless points of articulation, which isn’t really necessary and seems to detract a little from the quality. They also don’t have any accessories – aside from one bendy plastic Batarang. But after waiting a lifetime, I still think they’re great. And the Adam West figure looks just like the real Batman.

He’s Batman. Not quite “The Dark Knight.”

You can only get this set from 3rd party sellers on Amazon.
But you can get Batman by himself still.