DC Comics LEGO Variant Covers out tomorrow

This month, there are Lego variant covers for most of the DC comics – probably a marketing tie-in with Lego Batman III the video game. The first four issues will be available tomorrow based on my information from Newbury Comics. They will be:
Action Comics #36
Detective Comics #36
Grayson #4
Green Lantern #36
I’ll obviously be most looking forward to the Detective Comics one but will probably buy as many as I can find. I believe this is the first time LEGO covers have been done for DC comics, they did Marvel in the past. Hopefully everyone who wants to pick one up will be able to find one. You can see all the images at the DC website.

Comic Book Wednesday: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

As you’re probably aware, Wednesday is the day new comic books come out – so I thought I’d occasionally review or “write-up” a comic book or graphic novel, but in most cases it won’t be one coming out that day. I didn’t grow up reading comic books but they are everywhere these days and since there isn’t another Christopher Nolan Batman film coming out, we have to get our Batman stories from somewhere. I’m not quite a connoisseur but I like good artwork and I like a good story. It seems like a good thing to support these days, the idea that even a few people can make a living drawing or writing stories about superheroes should continue. But there are a lot of so-so comic books that I pick up and put right back down – the artwork in the New 52 Batman has never appealed to me. If the artwork isn’t great then the story had better be, and vice-versa.
This book – which is indeed in book form is the last issue of the original Batman and Detective Comics before they were rebooted into the “New 52” by DC. The story is written by Neil Gaiman who is what you could call a big name in comics and geek culture I guess – recently he’s also written a few episodes of the new Doctor Who. Obviously there is a lot of pressure writing the “last” issue of Batman but I found it well done, with some good artwork here and there, but by no means stand-out artwork. The story is good enough to overcome that in places, Batman is dead and at the same time watching his funeral or wake, all the villains are there to say a few words. I won’t give away more than that but it’s well done and not disappointing in the end. As a bonus, the book in this form contains other Batman stories written by Neil Gaiman including a good one that came from the Batman: Black and White series. I’d recommend it and as the story is only two issues long, it’s fast reading either way.

Check the price on Amazon: Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?