Lego, this time you’ve taken the Helicopter thing too far

This is an image of the upcoming City set 60093 Deep Sea Helicopter. That’s right, Deep. Sea. Helicopter? Apparently it’s a handy little helicopter that will retrieve your submersible with a handy winch. There are a myriad of problems with this, obviously a helicopter is not the vessel you would use to retrieve a submersible from the sea. What if the hook gets stuck on a rock? Bad news. Also, this is the “Deep Sea” which you only find miles away from land – helicopters aren’t much of long range vehicles. And finally, you see that shark jumping out of the water? I don’t think I need to remind anyone who reads this blog of the dangers of Helicopters hoisting things from the ocean in the presence of sharks…

And from what I can tell, this set is not going to come with Shark Repellent Bat Spray™

Batman not-mini figures The Batmobile

And here it is – the jewel of my Batman Figures collection – especially since I got it for $24 from Amazon before Christmas. It’s sadly no longer available directly from them.

Batmobile 4

Pretty good interior detail, including the Batphone in the cockpit. And the antenna on the hood. The doors don’t open but are outlined.

Batmobile 3

Sadly it doesn’t shoot flames out of the back.

Batmobile 2

Batman and Robin fit nicely in the cockpit. All of the attachments to the Batmobile, including the pipes sticking out of the back are rubber, so they’re not going to snap off all of a sudden.

Batman Robin Batmobile

“Quickly, Robin, we haven’t a moment to lose!!”

Batman (not mini) Figures – Rogues’ Gallery

Holy Blogging! I’m back. Non-Lego items today, more of the 6″ 1966 Batman figures – this time it’s the villains. There were four released – the four main villains – pretty obvious.

There’s The Joker:
The Joker

Nice bit of detail, you get Cesar Romero’s real mustache painted over:
Joker detail
When I was a kid I just assumed the Joker was weird so he had a weird mustache outline or something.

The Riddler:
The Riddler

The Penguin:
The Penguin

and Catwoman – sans eye mask but it doesn’t really matter, she’s just Catwoman in the show, she doesn’t have a secret identity:

The figures are very poseable, lots of points of articulation, but they are pretty precarious to get to stand up:
Batman POW! Riddler

The Rogues’ Gallery:
Rogues gallery

As you can see they all come with stands with a different word of onomatopoeia on them.

The only figures in this line that I don’t have now as far as I’m aware is Surfs Up Batman and apparently there’s a Surfs Up Joker too. Also I guess we haven’t seen the last of these figures, Batgirl will be joining us, but you’ll have to buy Batman and Robin again. Ok, you got me.

If you look at the Joker’s surfboard you’ll notice that the decal is a cartoon Joker and in the show it resembles Cesar Romero more. This is exactly the kind of inattention to detail that makes me sick. I’m exaggerating, but only very slightly. It’s not that hard to get it right.

New Batman Sets this Summer

via BrickFanatics

Two new DC Superheroes Batman sets are coming this summer – and they sound/read very impressive (which would be a change from the latest ones for the most part)

76034 Batboat Harbor Pursuit – it’s about time we got a Bat Boat
76035 Jokerland – a big set with a new Batmobile

Sorry, but I can’t help it…

Lego 10937 Arkham Asylum Breakout has been retired

So long old friend.

I noticed yesterday that it was listed as “sold out” on the Lego Shop at Home website. I went to the Lego store today and inquired and they confirmed it had been retired. They did not have any in stock at the store either. Other than that, not much excitement at the Lego store these days.

Review: Lego Batman 6860 The Batcave

Pieces: 690  Minifigures: 5  Retail Price: $69.99  Price I Paid: ~$50

I couldn’t resist an oversize image.

The Batcave is probably the quintessential Batman set other than the Batmobile. This set came out in 2012 and is still available today. It used to be discounted frequently though as now it appears it is nearing the end of it’s life it isn’t. (It is supposed to be on sale for $42 at Target on black Friday – hopefully this goes online or is price matched by Amazon.) It’s a pretty cool set – the 6864 Batmobile fits right through the doors of the Batcave (as it should).

6860 The Batcave Lego Minifigures

The Batcave comes with 5 minifigures, the highlights being Bruce Wayne and Bane. This is so far the only set with Bruce Wayne and was the first appearance of Bane until the Lego Dark Knight Rises set was released. This is the comic book version of Bane (ok, so they’re all comic book versions) from Knightfall. Notice the nice hairpiece on Bruce Wayne, unlike most Lego hair it isn’t symmetrical.

Bruce Wayne

Bane minifigure back view with breathing apparatus

There’s plenty of gear and tech in the upper part too:


Bruce, Batphone (Bat Phone?), Bat Gear.

The set comes with two minor vehicles, a Bat Pod, which Lego has released way too many of at this point.

Batpod 1.

And Bane’s tunneling vehicle, which is pretty cool and relevant to the set. The drill bit turns when the treads move – pretty neat.

Bane Tunneler.

Probably the coolest feature is the Batpole like conversion from Bruce Wayne to Batman. You place the Batman figure in the enclosed area behind the BatSuit decal and place Bruce at the top.

To the Batpoles! Except there’s only one and no pole here…

Then pull out the rod holding Batman in place…


And Bruce drops and Batman comes out the other side!

Batman. Ready For Action!

As you can see you also get a Poison Ivy cell – which I didn’t attach the decals to, because I want the cell to be used for anyone who might be captured by Batman. Although if you recall, in the Adam West tv show, they rarely brought anyone back to the Batcave.

I really do enjoy this set. In my mind the Batman with the blue suit on is the Adam West iteration but that’s what is great about this set, whichever Batman you want him to be, you can bring those elements to it. The figures are good too – I’d love to get a Dick Grayson figure sometime though. I’ll give this set a 9. It’s almost a 10. Hopefully this set will get discounted widely one more time, I’d like to pick up a second to have a spare Bruce Wayne and build two “Batpoles” so Robin would have a place to change as well. LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave 6860

Review: Lego Batman 6863: Batwing Battle Over Gotham City

Pieces: 278  Minifigures: 3  Retail Price: $34.99  Price I Paid: ?

This was one of only two sets to have the Joker when the DC Superheroes line of Batman sets first debuted. I suppose it seemed more important then than it does now. It was the first of what became many of what I call the “Bat-vehicle” sets – the only other Bat-vehicle at that time was the proper Batmobile. And the well-defined nature and quality of this Bat-vehicle, helped in opposition to the Batmobile led to the disappointment in the future Bat-vehicles.

The Batwing is quite well thought out and everything the Batmobile is not – namely a flying vehicle. The sleek design and folding wings are what you would expect and what I came to expect from future Batvehicles. The sleek looks have been largely absent in the more recent Batvehicles.

And of course it has the obligatory flames coming out of the back.

The Joker’s vehicle here is nothing to be sneezed at either. We have the ever present Lego helicopter – this time with 3 rotors, which seems to fit the Joker’s nature, odd. The henchmen with painted face is great. And who doesn’t love the grinning Joker bomb that launches from the helicopter. And the Joker swings from the rope ladder so he can cackle at the poor helpless folks of Gotham while he terrorizes them – until Batman shows up in his Batwing of course. The Batwing I believe appears in one of the Lego Batman video games and also looks a bit similar to the vehicle in the 1989 Batman movie with Michael Keaton.

In the end I have to give this set high marks after praising it, so I’ll give it a 9 overall. It was a little pricey when it first came out but as we saw that became the new normal for the lower piece count Super Hero sets. It was frequently discounted and if you got it then you got a good deal.

Review: Lego Batman 76001 The Bat vs Bane: Tumbler Chase

Pieces: 368  Minifigures: 3  Retail Price: $39.99  Price I Paid: ?

Continuing with the Christopher Nolan theme as of late and finally another review of a Batman set – here is the one set made from The Dark Knight Rises. As the only set, I can’t really complain, it’s mostly got the figures you’d want and the most exciting vehicle from the film.

Commissioner Gordon, best mustache on a minifig?

You get Batman of course, a movie version of Bane (obviously a must) and Commissioner Gordon. It would be nice to have a Selina Kyle Catwoman but alas it wasn’t meant to be. These are pretty good minifigures though. Batman has a movie suit and a realistic Bane gives you the chance to do your duck on helium voice all day long.

“This is not a car.”

The main vehicle is The Bat and it’s a pretty good portrayal of the helicopter/plane whatever especially given that you never really get a chance to understand all of the physics and engineering of the thing. For some reason though they put blue pieces in it – in the movie it’s completely black (of course) I’m not sure why, but maybe for ease of building. Still, this is not really forgivable.

Those rotors should be bigger I believe.

The Bat has all kinds of articulation as it does in the film and this obviously makes it a good “playset” from the Lego perspective. Although you do get a Tumbler – and it is kind of in scale with The Bat…

Yes, I’ve forgone the stickers here.

It certainly isn’t to scale with minifigures. It is almost a polybag size version. In the best world these would’ve been two separate sets and both at the right minifigure scale.

Still not putting those stickers on.

And of course, we have the obligatory flick fire missiles on the Tumbler, even though they are not present in an actual Tumbler in that spot.

So, in all, here’s what you get:

“Now’s not the time for fear. That comes later.”

When this set first came out I was a bit disappointed by it – but at least there was one set from the movie. I think I even bought it at retail since I was anxious to get it. Now, I’ve come to accept it for the set it is and as it’s generally discounted, it’s a pretty good value. The minifigures are definitely the highlight – once you have your own Bane you can go on destroying everything you build if you want – with the voice! I’m going to rate this an 8, 6 plus the 2 for being a Batman set. It’s still available and I’m thinking of getting another one before it isn’t: LEGO Super Heroes Tumbler Chase 76001

Not getting this set could be very painful…for you.