Hello there- I’ve been an AFOL for a few years now and have had thoughts of making a LEGO blog or website. Now is the time to finally do it. I wanted to focus on the Lego Batman sets especially since that is the one line I try to collect every set of and when brainstorming for a title I discovered that BrickKnight was still available – that’s with 2 Ks. So now I can easily shift the focus to Lego Castle which is a good bit of fun as well. In reality, I’m not going to limit myself to just discussing Lego Batman sets, or even Lego, maybe I’ll touch on Batman pop culture items or comic books as well. As with every blog (especially at the beginning) there is no one reading this right now, but hopefully in a few months after a few hundred posts there will be some readers and this site will be a positive addition to the Lego internet. Until the next post – happy building!


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