Review: 76157 Wonder Woman vs Cheetah

Pieces: 371  Minifigures: 3  Retail Price: $39.99  Price I Paid: Retail

76157 box front

When I first saw this set and it’s large, golden, somewhat shiny radar dish, I knew I wanted it. Then I saw the box!

76157 box back

Lego is apparently redesigning their default box look and they did some really cool things with this one. The front looks like a comic panel with the two figures front and center about to rumble. The back of the box looks like it could be the front of the box which just gives you this slightly special feeling about the box. The WW84 logo is cool (not a Lego design) and they put an image of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) from the movie on the side of the box!

76157 box side

Groovy. And we haven’t even opened the box yet! I didn’t even see the other Wonder Woman film but now I want to see this one.

76157 minifigures

You get three minifigures, Wonder Woman in her golden armor with wings and lasso, Cheetah who looks fierce and could almost be a CMF animal costume figure. [I’m on a mission to collect the new DC CMF of the Cheetah and get a group photo with Catwoman, CMF Series 14 Tiger Woman and this Cheetah. Stay Tuned.] Finally, Maxwell Lord (I just learned his name) wearing a great windowpane suit jacket. I only wish his legs were printed with the same pattern.

76157 building front

The base or structure of the set appears to be a base of some sort with the aforementioned beautiful array of golden radar dishes atop it. The base itself is made in nice sand and dark tan colors with a few leaves here and there. There’s also a giant slot – for mail? – above the door.

76157 building back

The inside isn’t much to look at (I didn’t put the stickers on) but it contains a little bit of space and for me it succeeds in being three dimensional enough and not just a “storefront” that so many LEGO sets are these days. There are distinct sides to this base.

76157 building side

And one of the sides has a large spider on it! That spider had better be in the film otherwise Lego is creeping me out for no reason. Maybe I don’t want to see the film now…

76157 radar dish

On to the radar dish. Look at it! It’s made of 2×2 flags that clip on and make up the array.

76157 radar dish printed

Upon closer inspection, the pieces are printed, not stickers. Hooray. I originally thought they would be stickers, but I still wanted the set, it was a relief to not have to try and align 32 stickers for application.

76157 mechanism

Tipping the model forward we can see that the radar dish isn’t just stylish, it’s functional! (No, not that way.) It rotates with a turn of the knob.

76157 mechanism2

Here’s where I should have made a nice little gif to show you the rotation but you’ll just have to trust me, sorry internet.

76157 set

There’s the full set with the spider and minifigs and what looks like a broadcast tv camera for Maxwell. Wonder Woman (or Cheetah) can stand on the clear piece extending from the set and look like they’re flying. Great set even without applying the stickers:

76157 sticker sheet

The TV screen stickers are meant to go on the inside of the curved panels but they just looked like they would be floating on those larger pieces and so I didn’t end up putting any on. I don’t think the set loses much from it but if you wanted it to be just like the movie you can sticker away. Maybe I’ll want to after I see the film.

I’m giving this set a 9 out of 10. Three great minifigures, a cool base made of good colors and the radar array as always. I’m interested to see how it compares to the “real one” from the movie. But I’m not counting on seeing any movies any time soon. Along with no new movies, we’re probably not going to see any discounts on Lego for awhile so you might want to just buy this set for full price, it’s worth it. (If you buy through Lego we get a commission to help support the site- Thanks!)

Lego Throwback Thursday – Lego Islanders

islanders minifigures

I got a few older nearly complete Islander sets a while ago and finally got around to posting them. While I had LEGO Pirates and Imperial soldiers as a kid (like most kids of a certain age) I never had any Islanders. I like how they add a third group and add the possiblities for Politics! Alliances! Crocodiles!

king kahuka

That’s King Kahuka, he had his own island – with raised baseplate!!

6256 set2

This is 6256 Islander Catamaran, it was $12 back in 1994. The canoes are great, as is the aforementioned crocodile. And not to sound off color but this minifigure is one of the few I’ve seen with cleavage.

6256 set
6246 set

That’s 6246 Crocodile Cage – only got one crocodile with the lot of sets and he’s with the catamaran right now. It must be frustrating to get captured and have a pegleg. Hard to run away I’d think.

6245 set

That’s actually an older Pirates/Imperials set from 1989, 6245 Harbor Sentry.

Just seeing the recognizable old Pirates and Imperials minifigures takes me back. I spent a lot of time with those minifigures, having less of them made them more precious in a way and they could all take on their own identities, even if they had less expressive faces.

A Lego Shop@Home order


Quarantine continues and I placed another order of Lego. I am waiting on a large bricks and pieces order but I also ordered 76157 Wonder Woman vs Cheetah because as soon as I saw that giant golden radar dish I wanted it. It came with double VIP points – which seem to be meaningless these days – and a free 30369 Beach Buggy polybag. I got suckered into ordering 2 each of the DC Super Heroes Minifigures and the CMF Series 20.

CMF 10 vs 20

First I’d like to say that the CMF bags have gotten much larger. So….is that why they cost $5 now?


Like I said, I got suckered, classic Shop@Home move to get two of the same minifigure when you can’t feel the packaging. I know, I know, this is the name of the game, you win some you lose some, but I don’t even know who that guy is!

order dc cmf

He comes with some clear, make it look like you’re flying boosters to put on the stands though. (You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been out of the CMF game for awhile.) But just think of all the possible permutations of 4 figures out of the choices I ended up with two of that guy and drone kid and karate kid.

order cmf20

Karate kid has good hair at least. And Drone kid must come with the most individual parts for a CMF. But really though, a quick visit to an online permutation calculator says when choosing 4 from 32 different items that can repeat there are 52,360 possibilities. I would argue that the combination that I got is no higher than 51,984. (And yes, this is not correct because really we’re making 2 choices from 16 combined with 2 choices from 16.) What is that on Drone kid’s shirt there? An aqueduct? A strange squared off M? A T-Bone steak? If you know, drop us a line in the comments. On to the free buggy.

30369 beach buggy

Side surfer california floppy hair – check. You do wonder about a surfer that has a windsurfing shirt on – maybe he’s saving up for the sail.

30369 beach buggy2
30369 beach buggy3

So anyway there you have it – a beachy little buggy that was free. It almost makes up for the CMF disappointment. No, it doesn’t. I’ll have a review of the Wonder Woman set up soon.

I just looked and the minifigure’s name is Metamorpho.