1 Year of BrickKnight!

Today marks one year since I started this website. There have been a few lulls but 123 posts in all isn’t bad. I’ve reviewed 42 sets give or take a few classics. Hopefully at least 42 people have visited the site at some point…

Here’s to the future – (and if you want to be specific, hopefully a future of reviewing some Doctor Who sets that don’t require purchasing a video game) that might happen before anniversary number 2.

Lego Classic Thursday: 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing – Lego Indiana Jones

Back with more Indiana Jones.

7683 set

Set 7683 from 2009 and you get the plane, fuel truck and four minifigures.

7683 mf

Those are some of the nicest abs I’ve seen on a minifigure, nice mustache as well. The Indy and Marion Ravenwood figures are identical to the ones in the 7621 Lost Tomb set.

7683 cockpit

The plane is pretty iconic and has a forward cockpit and a rear gunner cockpit, which is where Marion gets trapped after Indy beats up the mechanic (and he gets chopped up by the propeller). This isn’t a plane from real life, the closest thing to look like this, the Horton Ho 229 was jet powered. Of course, if you have jet engines, you can’t get chopped up by propeller blades.

7683 truck

The fuel truck is in the set as well, so that it can leak everywhere and create a fiery explosion enveloping the plane. It’s nothing special.

7683 pilot

As you can see, the cockpit canopy is a special piece to this set. The Wing that comprises the plane is also one solid flat flexible type piece. With stickers of course.

This is another great movie set for recreating scenes.

7683 fight


7683 locked cockpit

Another set if you like Indy, you’ll love. Given the large size of the plane, this set makes a great display.

Review: Lego Scooby Doo 75092 The Mystery Machine

Pieces: 301  Minifigures: 4  Retail Price: $29.99  Price I Paid: Retail

Well you asked for it (or maybe you didn’t and had no idea it was even a possibility) so here it is: Scooby Doo in Lego form.

75092 boxf

Do you like bright colors?

75092 boxb

75092 set

You get the namesake van, the Mystery Machine, and Fred, Shaggy and Scooby plus a villain.

75092 mf

The hairpieces are pretty incredible for Fred and Shaggy and I think Shaggy has too much volume and not enough shag, but I understand what they were going for. Unfortunately the villain in this set doesn’t have a reverse with a un-masked face.

75092 mystery machine

The Mystery Machine is pretty true to it’s cartoonish original. Though as we expect with most Lego licensed vehicles, it seats fewer figures than the one in the movie/show/cartoon.

75092 mystery machine back

Once you put Scooby in the back there’s no room for anyone else, i.e. Daphne and Velma (who don’t come with this set anyway).

75092 mystery machine back

There’s a sink and a stove in the back, although they’re on opposite sides of the van, unlike in real life. But since this is based on a cartoon, I’m not bothered. There are also computer devices – which we didn’t have in the 60s but maybe this is based on the more modern cartoon Scooby Doo that I’ve never seen?

75092 badguy

Finally we get the villain and his computer behind a scary tree with a crystal. There are crystals in all the sets I believe, again maybe this is something specific to the new show? Oh well, the scary tree is pretty cool.

All in all I’d give this set a 5 of 10. It’s not stunning or anything but it’s fun and if you like Scooby Doo (who doesn’t?)

The set sold out of the Lego store quickly but it’s available on Amazon shortly:

LEGO Scooby-Doo 75902 the Mystery Machine Building Kit

Lego Classic Thursday: 7199 The Temple of Doom – Lego Indiana Jones


Look at that beauty- and head over to Flickr to see it bigger. Is it possible for a set based on a scene from a movie to be better than the movie? If it is, this set leads the way. While it’s not perfect, Temple of Doom is far, far from perfect. Again I’m using the “Classic” moniker on a set that’s from 2009, but the movie is a classic even if it’s not. You can’t go straight from Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Last Crusade, you need a buffer.


You get Indy, Willie Scott and Short Round, to be chased and ritually sacrificed by Mola Ram and his two henchmen. Notice the tiny Lego head on ‘s headdress – a nice touch, it’s a skull in the film. Willie has her scream face, basically the thing she does for the whole movie “OHH, INDYYYYYYYY.” I find the constant whining and screaming tiresome, but Spielberg ended up marrying her. Maybe it was just acting?

Even cooler, Indy is missing his sleeve just like in the movie.


So the set comprises the minifigures and the “temple” along with the mine car track. The layout isn’t exactly faithful to the movie but I don’t think that would be exactly possible, and it’s such an iconic scene/set that it translates regardless.


Here we’ve got Mola all ready for the sacrifice or whatever ritual he was performing. I know it involves tearing Indy’s heart out – literally. That’s not a feature included here. Everybody smile!


The glowing skull stones move forward and the trap door opens in the floor Lego cage and pulley system not included.


The temple is fairly two dimensional. At the bottom there is a chopping sword, I’m not sure why, along with some mining equipment and jewels.



The “fire rock brick” is a fairly rare element in the set. Pretty cool too.


When it’s time to escape or just joyride around, hop into the mining car.


Willie Scott is still screaming. Short Round is still stereotyping.


The tracks pass through a second structure with rocks in the top (I think this is a rock hopper) that can be dumped into a mining car below. Not actual rocks of course.


This is obviously a cause for great concern from Willie Scott.


But in the end, we know it all turns out ok. Mostly.


This is a great set because it seems to really capture the scenes from the movie on a big scale. It has height and width even though it doesn’t have a lot of pieces. Let’s remember it’s based on a movie where 3 people survive by jumping out of a flying plane into a life raft. Of course, one of them happens to be Indiana Jones.