Starting small: the first review Lego Set 60011 Surfer Rescue

I know what you’re* saying (or thinking) – here I am on this Lego Batman and Castles blog and the first review posted is of a 32 piece City set! Well, I thought I’d start small, if I can make this review the least bit interesting then I should be ok to write about bigger sets which (usually) are inherently interesting. So without further ado:

Lego Set 60011 Surfer Rescue

Pieces: 32  Minifigures: 2 (+ 1 Shark)  Retail Price: $6.99  Price I Paid: $3.49+tax

The Shark is prominently featured on the box.

Recently Stop&Shop (the grocery store) has had a few sets on clearance 50% off. They don’t carry that many to begin with, and they are all <$25 sets. Even at 50% off I thought twice before buying this set. I mean, c’mon, its only got 32 pieces in it! But there is a shark. And a guy in a wetsuit – I might need a Lego wetsuit someday. Plus I thought, I can put it on my blog! Well folks*, as you can see, I’ve spared no expense for you. Basically this set is ok. If you’re a child (age wise, not just emotionally or spiritually) you’d probably like it. Because as I’ve mentioned, there is a shark. I like the Coast Guard uniform as well. I think for $3.49 is an ok price for it, but I’d be hard pressed to pay full retail.

Look! A shark!

And now for the moment of truth. The rating – how should I rate all the sets. I think a range of 1-5 is too small, but it is simple. I’m going to go with 0-10 where 6 or above is a buy and 5 is a buy if it’s on sale. I’ll develop this more in the future, but for now I’ll give this set a 4. I wouldn’t buy it unless it actually is for a child.

Except, wait – I just bought it and now I’m telling you* not to buy it? Well that’s right. You don’t need it^ – on the other hand, it does have a shark…

* given the newness of this blog any references to readers or people reading this post is purely hypothetical

^ I plan on discussing my views on LEGO collecting in general in a future post – stay tuned

Does it come in black?

Hello there- I’ve been an AFOL for a few years now and have had thoughts of making a LEGO blog or website. Now is the time to finally do it. I wanted to focus on the Lego Batman sets especially since that is the one line I try to collect every set of and when brainstorming for a title I discovered that BrickKnight was still available – that’s with 2 Ks. So now I can easily shift the focus to Lego Castle which is a good bit of fun as well. In reality, I’m not going to limit myself to just discussing Lego Batman sets, or even Lego, maybe I’ll touch on Batman pop culture items or comic books as well. As with every blog (especially at the beginning) there is no one reading this right now, but hopefully in a few months after a few hundred posts there will be some readers and this site will be a positive addition to the Lego internet. Until the next post – happy building!